About us

Company Overview

Doha Plastic Co. long history and experience in plastic recycling can help your company in engraving the beautiful phrase of "Made With 100% Recycle Material" On Your Products
Environmental solutions need collaboration from manufacturers, We consider ourselves your partner in achieving these goals and if you think about the environment before buying your raw material then you are our customer.

We collect plastic manufacturing waste from plastic factories, construction companies, educational facilities, petrochemical companies, farms and shopping malls with the help of our collecting trucks and dedicated staff. 1000 Tons of material manufactured each month in Doha Plastic Company are inspected in our pipe lines department or injection machines or even in our filim blowing department. Whether you need the material for HDPE Film, LDPE Film or HDPE pipes, LDPE pipes or even polypropylene, polyethylene injection products you will always get the right grade of plastic granules

Big idea with big thinking to come reality

Our Company's 120 Skilled workers are highly experienced in the recycling process. All done in our 15000 square meters site located in the New Industrial Area, outside Doha.

Our products are shipped around the world from China to West Africa for more than 20 countries in 25 Kilograms bags or 1 Ton jumbo bags according to customer needs. In addition our technical department works with our customers before and sale to acheive the best result required by our clients.