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Street 3, Building 134, Zone 81 Small & Medium Industrial Area-Doha Qatar

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Doha Plastic Company

Doha plastic company is one of the leading plastic manufacturing company in Qatar established in 2003. We are manufacturing plastic recycle materials, HDPE pipes, LDPE pipes & fittings, Polythene sheet, Garbage bags, Shopping Bags and other plastic packaging materials.


19 year's

About Us

Our factory consist space of 15,000 meter square for production with latest technology machines with huge capacity of production. We have very good technical and operation staffs to maintain the best quality of our products with Qatar standard.

Doha Plastic is certified with ISO 9001-2015, 45001-2018, 14001-2015. We are totally committed to quality and develops its range of products to suppress set standards and inspect them thoroughly before launching in the market. This commitment to quality includes paying attention to every product in detail during manufacturing and checking them before the final launch. By delivering the best quality of product & services, we maintain good relationship between customers and the company.

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Doha Plastic

we are experts in the sale of
recycled plastic.

We have the capacity to produce 7 tons of recycled plastics per hour.

Our Value

We human have become dependent on plastic for a range of uses, from packaging of products. We can’t avoid the use of plastic products. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. To save nature, recycle it.
Now a days Nano plastic pollution has been detected in Polar Regions for the first time, indicating that the tiny particles are now pervasive around the world especially in sea and coastal areas. Previous studies in wildlife has linked micro and Nano-plastic exposure infertility, inflammation and cancer but outcomes in humans are unknown. Evidence that human organs and tissue can absorb trances of Nano plastics. Here we provide a solution to save our environment and future generation by recycling plastic.
According to Qatar national vision 2030 “transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development” by 2030. It also emphasizes the importance of increasing citizens’ awareness of their role in protecting the countries environment for the nation’s future generations. To this vision 2030, Doha plastic will help Qatar to protect its environment by recycling the complete plastic wastes and prevent pollution.
Doha plastic company can recycle 15000 metric tons of waste plastics in a year. And we convert these plastic wastes to other usable products like Agricultural irrigation pipes, agricultural Mulch film, polyethylene sheets for green houses, agricultural seedling bag and garbage bags etc.

All for the Nature.
It makes a big difference to recycle.
It makes a big difference to use recycled products.
“Save Environment. Save Qatar.”
“Help us to give a new life to your plastic wastes.”


We operate with honesty and integrity.

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